Shashank M. Vaislay commented on LinkedIn:

“I am sure Worldee will soon become popular among children like e.g. Superman, Popeye”.


Mrs Jennifer Mussen (Retired Principal, Orangefield High School)

“It is an honour to be asked to endorse this first in a new series of resource booklets for children, using the theme of ‘Vegetables’.  This very attractively presented resource book will challenge and expand the horizons of children from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Children of differing abilities too will find much to promote their self-confidence using the author’s “can do” approach.  In the following pages there is a treasure trove of resource materials for the independent learner. Using colourful illustrations in a bright framework, the learner is encouraged to engage in activities designed to develop a bank of skills and take part in a range of exercises.

Dr Huq gives a flavour of the range of developmental lessons which can emerge from this Activity Book and has given a detailed summary of how this can be approached with regards to a variety of curriculum areas.

There is marvellous scope inherent in this booklet for a plethora of associated activities and skills-based learning. Too often the learner and teacher have few resources on which to base their learning programmes and assessment activities. In this book, the pupil can use each page either individually or in a group work.

Dr Huq has an intuitive grasp of the needs of learners of all abilities and this resource will be warmly welcomed. In the hands of a skilled practitioner, there is no limit to the associated activities which can be accessed using games and practical demonstrations in this and the next books in the “My World Seven Series”.

 Comments from teachers of pilot project schools:

“This is a very useful resource book. Children found out where vegetables come from. They looked it up on the map and the computer”.

“This resource book is useful for increasing pupil’s vocabulary”.

“A superb resource! Very child friendly and easy to use”.

“I felt the activities were fun for the children to complete in pairs. It served to help children specifically with spellings of vegetables”.

“I think this resource book is not only suitable for Year 4, but also for younger or older children”.

“This is a good resource book. It broadens children’s knowledge of the outside world”.

“The activities were good. There were lots of short little follow-up activities”.

“This resource book was useful. It easily leads into extension work”.

“I think this is a useful resource book. The children really enjoyed these books. The presentation and activities involved held their interest and motivated them”.

“This resource book is useful for increasing children’s vocabulary”.

“It follows the topic of healthy eating, which is so important! Children enjoyed the workbook”.

“Children found it interesting as they were learning about new vegetables.  The jumbled letters activity was a bit difficult for the group”.

“Some children found the names of some of the vegetables very difficult”.

“I would like to see ‘extension’ materials, e.g. pictures from the books as flashcards, so that games can be played. This would further consolidate learning”.